My Purple House
(Wedding 2021 pics in the Family Room Below)

No, I don't actually live in a purple house.  At least the outside is not purple!  Here you can get to know me better.  You can smell the Community coffee brewing as you read about my background, my family and some of my philosophy.  Spend as much time as you like perusing articles, looking through my family albums and enjoying pictures of some of the horses I trained.  


Living Room

Sit down and let's get acquainted.  
Here is a brief autobiography 



Reid and the Color Purple --  Take a trip with me back to the time when I made my "purple connection". CLICK HERE


When I am willing to take time away from handicapping and writing I like to cook.  Later  I'll tell some of my "cooking stories" and even post a recipe or two.  

Family Room

 Family Photos

 2021 Wedding Photos CLICK HERE

2021 Wedding Ring Exchange Photos HERE

Grandkids Play Room

Join Georgia, Alex, Carson, Audrey Leigh, Charlotte and me as we romp and play in  


Horse Room

Racing Related photos