My Family Photo Album
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Dr. C. R. McLellan 

Crawford to his sibs Daddy, Dad to his kids
"Dr Mac" to students, 
"Poppa C-R" to  the farm hands; 
"Papa Mc" to his grandkids

From top left: Mom (Julia), 
Rinn, Rebecca, Judy Dier.
On the couch:
Reid, Ronnie, and Richard

Dad was a Chemistry
professor.  After we six 
were all present our farm was named the R5J.  We still enjoy being there together for Holidays and vacations.

Daughter Noelle
with her husband Mike,
and her daughters Georgia
(top) and Alex

Oldest son, Reid B.
(we called him Bucky
growing up, and he
goes by Reid now)
and his wife, Emanuelle

Youngest son, Brett

Noelle(4yrs.) and Bucky(2yrs.)

Bucky and Emanuelle with 
Uncle Ron, at their wedding

Brett again


Bucky, Audrey Leigh (left),
and Carson

Carson and Audrey Leigh


Audrey Leigh


Alex on SHRP's Sam

Georgia On Sam

Three Reid's.  
Crawford Reid, Carson
Reid and Reid Bernard