Racehorse Owner-Trainer Prep Class 2022
Written Materials and Video presentation

GENERAL INFORMATION: The entire collection of written materials used in the Trainers' Exam Prep Class was incorporated into this updated Racehorse Owner-Trainer Prep Class and is available for purchase online.  You get a 115 page book that includes 70 pages of Philsophy and Methods of Training plus over 50 pages of targeted Rules of Racing discussion. This is updated material from that included in the study guide provided by ROAP  and The Jockey Club for the National Trainers' Exam. Dr. McLellan's TExP text was used as the original study guide. Dr. Mac edited the National Trainers Exam and wrote guidelines for the barn test portion of the National exam.  Included in this 2022 packet will be digital media that includes narrated power point shows that coincide with materials in the book plus videos lectures of some of the Philosophy and Methods portion of this class. Also included are practice entries and study sheets.  A link to an online review test is provided to those completing this study materials as well as individuals completing an in-person class.

Applicants purchasing this material receive a $175 credit on full tuition cost for any class taken within 12 months of purchasing. Materials will be sent priority mail. Updates and videos will be sent as they are prepared.

COST: $175 plus $15.00 for handling and shipping. (Scroll down for link.) 

To order a complete set of Racehorse Owner-Trainer Prep class materials for $175 and pay$15.00 shipping/handling using your credit card (or PayPal account) click the "Buy Now" button below. (Materials ship within 5 business days of order receipt unless Dr. Mac is out of town. You will receive email notice of receipt of purchase and informed of expected date of shipping.)