Behind The Barn Door

May 9 2019 - Some final comments on the Kentucky Derby DQ of Maximum Security. I am not surprised at the number of people that thought the DQ was wrong. When a horse is the favorite (or second choice) it means a lot of people had money on that horse and it would have taken horses going down for them to think a DQ was in order.

Secondly, when an objection is filed by a jockey (as Prat did by notifying an outrider), rules require the stewards to "conduct an inquiry" into "all matters" surrounding that objection. ( I posted the actual ruls on my Facebook page if you want to read the actual rule - C. Reid McLellan on FB). Those rules also state (very clearly) that one the stewards have made a ruling "there is NO appeal". Now that doesn't prevent the Wests going to court, but the stewards fullowed the rules and they will incur a second loss for MS.

Finally, for this post, I'm hoping to have a full class for the Trainers' Exam Prep class at RP (see middle panel). We will disucss these and the pending rules changes (that manty have forgotten about with all this commotion) that may be implemented next year.

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