Behind The Barn Door

June 4, 2022

Racing indsutry activities are increasing along with the temperature. I went to Kentucky in May for an assessment at Blackburn, stayed over Saturday (21st) and flew to Baltimore (well I was supposed to wind up at BWI on the 22nd. My late flight was cancelled (weather, then a captain had to take a nap) and I was re-routed to Reagan. I made it to Sykesville on Monday for practical assessments wearing the same clothes I traveled in on Sunday. And, I traveled back to Louisiana on Tuesday in those same clothes. My two big bags, one with most of my purple shirts and other clothing and the other with my favorite teaching aids, did not get back to Louisiana until June 1. But, they got back and all is well. June starts with a weekend trip to Louisville and a GE 101 Short Course (Legs & Bandaging) at Churchill Downs Monday and Tuesday June 6-7.

With some personal matters keeping me close to Ruston the rest of June, I'm preparing for our major Basic Grooming and Groom Elite 101 class at Colonial Downs in July and August.

Our St. Croix experience is finally moving forward as Certified instructor Chantal Corminbeouf moved to the Island in May, was successfully employed by Golden Grove Correctional and is getting the property ready for fencing, barn building and introduction of horses.


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