Welcome to our Bloodstock Services Pages

Will you be sitting on the sidelines in 2012, 13 or 14 saying, "2011 was the time to BUY"?  Or will you be winning races because you took advantage of the OPPORTUNITY that is 2011?  

Call us for information about getting your own racehorse or joining a group of people that enjoy having more fun at the races when they have one of "their" horses running.  We will set up an initial meeting in Lexington with you and/or your group and disuss the possibilities at no cost to you or your group.  We are currently putting together racing packages for fall and winter racing. 

If you want to showcase your breeding stock, yearlings and or two-year olds in training, we can provide the services of one of the best young equine photographers in the business, Audrey Crosby McLellan at a reasonable cost.  Check out her work at www.accphotography.com and set up a photo shoot or a meeting to discuss a monthly contract to provide your clients with professional quality pictures of their horses each time you send them a statement. 

CLICK HERE to see how we can set up a web page to showcase your private treaty horses for sale.